Coupon book for boyfriend free

He is amazing at keeping our intimate times exciting. After you print the coupons, use a paper cutter to cut them down to size.

10 Valentines Day Coupon Book Free PRINTABLES!

Make sure to leave about an extra 1 inch on the left side, so you can make them into a booklet. I forgot the hole punch step in the pictures, so I had to pull the tape off and punch the holes. Then, add the tape back on, just like these pictures below. Make sure to cut the hole punch in the tape as well. I placed the booklet halfway in the middle of the tape. Then, I cut it lengthwise, so it would be easy to fold over. You can find them in the scrapbook section. They have a quite a few shelves right in front of the checkouts full of mini bottles.

I found six of them will fit nicely in a quart-sized wide mouth mason jar. This is such a cool craft. That coupon book looks really cute!

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It looks like you bought it somewhere- not made it yourself! Great job!

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  7. Oh you naughty girl you. Couples should always enjoy each other. Thanks for the fun and romantic ideas. What a simple yet highly appreciated gift! Love the addition of the mini bottles to the coupon book. Is there a better way to do get a coupon handbook done with less hassles? Love Coupon Book Instant Download. Anniversary Sample Coupon Book Template. Attractive Sample Coupon Book Template. Colorful Sample Coupon Book Template. Decorative Sample Coupon Book Template. Little Sample Coupon Book Template. Designed Sample Coupon Book Template. Learn more Method 1. Gather your materials.

    Card-stock paper is the best type of paper to use for a coupon book. It is sturdy and will last longer than other types of paper. You will also need scissors, a hole puncher, a ruler, and pens or markers. You can get card-stock paper with lots of different colored paper to make the coupon book really colorful. You can also use construction paper, notecards, copy paper, or art paper instead of card-stock paper.

    Cut the card-stock paper to make your coupons. It's up to you how big or how small your coupons are. Pick the size you want your coupons to be and mark an outline of your coupon on the card-stock paper. Cut the shape out of the paper with scissors. You can lay the first coupon you cut out on top of the other sheets of paper. The more paper you use, the harder you'll find it to cut through it with scissors.

    Place the coupon on top of the other sheets and cut around the coupon to cut out the other paper as well. Create a front cover page on 1 of your coupons. This coupon will be placed at the front of the coupon book and will tell the person you give the book to exactly what it is. Draw a few different designs on the cover page using different colored markers. Write something like "A Coupon Book for Tasks for [the person you're giving the gift to] from [you]" on the front cover. Draw a design on your coupons.

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    Your coupon book will look a lot better if all of the pages have interesting and cool designs. Use your markers to draw borders on your coupons.

    Here are a few more ideas for V Day:

    You can also draw polka dots on the coupons. Don't stick to the same design for every page. Mix it up and have a different design on every coupon. Write out the tasks on the coupons. Once you've designed your coupons, you can write out the tasks you're willing to perform for your friend or family member.

    Valentine's Day Craft - DIY Coupon Book - Free Printable - Valentine's Day Ideas

    Make sure you write clearly so the person you give the gift to can read the coupons. Write tasks on the coupons that you know the other person would like to use. Some ideas for tasks are: You'll do their laundry You'll bring them breakfast in bed You'll clean the house You'll wash up after dinner for a week You'll take the dog walking for a month. Punch a hole in the top left corner of all of the coupons. Lay your hole puncher flat on a steady work surface. Hold your coupons under the device and press down on the handle.

    The puncher will cut out small holes in your coupons for you. Be careful if you try to punch more than 1 piece of paper at a time. You could easily jam the hole puncher.

    What You Need For Your Love Coupons

    Thread string, twine, or a ribbon through all of the coupons. Once you've a hole punched in all of your coupons, put 1 of these items through all of the holes. Tie the ribbon, twine, or string together to bind all the coupons together. You can also use shoe laces instead of a ribbon, string, or twine.

    15 Sets of Free Printable Love Coupons

    Present the book to the person you made it for. When your book is finished, tell the person you made it for to close their eyes and place it on their hands. When they want to redeem a coupon, all they have to do is present it to you and you have to carry out that task. Method 2. Create the front cover of your coupon book.

    In Microsoft Word, use clip art or import a design you made in paint. Play around with the "insert" feature on Word to put some cool designs or drawings on the front cover. Design each page of your coupon book.

    R29 Original Series

    For practicality with Word, it's a good idea to use the same design for every page of the book. You can use a couple of different designs by creating a few different designs on Word and printing each 1 out multiple times. Measure your page and take note of the halfway point. Put 1 coupon on the top of the page and the other on the bottom of the page. Print your coupons from Microsoft Word. Once you're happy with your design, click "File" then "Print" in Word. Word will show you a preview screen of your design before you decide to print.

    Print on different colored paper for a cool looking design on your coupon book.

    45+ Coupon Book Templates

    Print your design page separately. Fold the pages in half. Lay each page flat on your table or work surface. Pull 1 end towards the other, placing the 4 corners together. Double-check to make sure that you have the corners lined up.