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This Month's Coupon Codes. Grab one of our coupon codes to save money on your order today! Track My Order. Buying Guide: Paper Folders. Paper Weight Conversion Charts. Why You Need a Paper Shredder. Share this Item Close. In Stock. Free Store Pickup in 1 Hour. Sold in stores. Thank you, you will now be redirected to comparisons. Just a moment while we prepare the page Check In-Store Availability. This Ativa shredder in black and gray is designed to shred staples, paper clips and credit cards. Shreds 6 feet per minute.

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Covered blades, sensors and safety locks help prevent accidents. Overheat protection automatically stops shredding when the unit needs to cool down. So what are the best inexpensive but reliable paper shredders for personal use? We have selected and reviewed 10 shredders to use in your home or your home office.

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With these shredding machines you can shred your documents into tiny unreadable particles with security level P-3 and P The selected home shredders are priced around dollars and are recommended for one user. Check our shredder guide to read more about shredder specifications. If you want a great shredder for personal use at home, then this is it. The paper shredder offers good security because it shreds your confidential documents silently into tiny DIN P-4 paper particles.

The shredder shreds up to 12 pages per pass and it will run for 8 minutes continuously. The pullout bin has a capacity of 6. Check Price. But we do really recommend this shredding machine for home office use. Fill this shredding machine with up to 15 sheets per pass and it will run for a tremendous 20 minutes in one go, which is really impressive for its price.

Most home shredders only last 5 minutes until the device needs to cool down. Besides your personal documents you can also shred DVDs, CDs, credit cards, staples and small paper clips. Even for commercial use this shredder is an interesting option.

Ativa OD690XA 6-Sheet Cross-Cut Shredder $9.99AR Free Shipping

The AmazonBasics Sheet Cross-Cut is a compact and basic cross-cut shredder that shreds up to 12 sheets per pass. You can also shred your credit cards or other plastic cards into small particles. This shredder has a continuous run time of approximately 7 minutes before the shredding machine needs to cool down for 30 minutes.

When a possible paper jam occurs the anti-jam auto reverse functionality kicks in that clears up the jammed paper by reversing the cutting blades of the shredder. This is a well worth shredder for its price. The AmazonBasics 8 Sheet Cross-Cut is the perfect paper shredder if you just want to shred a document occasionally at home. But it does one thing great and that is shredding your documents in unreadable particles. And it does it for a very affordable price. Besides documents it also takes care of your credit cards.

Besides shredding your sensitive home documents with personal information on it you can also shred old credit cards or other confidential plastic cards. The Aurora shredder has a 5 minute continuous run-time, this means you can shred for 5 minutes and then you need to let the paper shredding machine cool down. When a paper-jam occurs you can manually reverse the micro-cut blades to solve the jammed paper. This budget-friendly shredder shreds up to 6 sheets of confidential documents per pass into small P-4 pieces.

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You can use this shredder continuously for 3 minutes, then the machine needs to cool down for 30 minutes. You can clear paper jams with the manual reverse functionality. This shredder is perfect for light-duty use with high security standards. The cross-cut shredder can shred a maximum of 6 sheets of A4 paper per pass and it also shreds credit cards. The cool down time is 30 minutes. The wastebasket for the paper particles is fairly small with 3. So overall this budget-friendly shredder is compact, easy to use and perfect for shredding just a few documents per day.

The wastebasket has a window so you can see when the 4. This shredder shreds maximally 12 pages per pass into cross-cut paper particles.

The handle at the top makes it easy to empty the wastebasket, which has a capacity of 5. Thanks to the window in the front you can see when the bin is full with shredded documents.

Hot Deal: Ativa AT-CC240S Cross-Cut Shredder $125 at

You can shred up to minutes, when overheated you need to let the shredder cool down for 40 minutes. The Bonsaii CD Sheets Cross-Cut is a quiet and compact desk-side paper shredder that shreds your personal documents, junk mail and credit cards. The bin has a relatively large capacity of 5. This shredder is great for home office use to shred financial documents and personal information. Empty the wastebasket conveniently with the handle design to remove the shredder part from the bin.

The top 10 list with paper shredders above contains reliable and secure shredders that we recommend for home or personal use. But there are a lot more types of shredding machines to choose from that are also great to use at home, home office, in a larger office or other commercial environment. On Recycling. It is important to shred documents with personal or sensitive information before you recycle it.

This prevents the possibility of identity theft. So always shred before you recycle. The best shredder for you depends on your demands and expectations. Are you looking for a basic shredder that you only use for occasional shredding or do you want a shredder to shred relatively high volumes of confidential documents in your home office? To find the right shredder for you, there are some key features to look out for. In our extensive shredder guide you can read everything about shredder specifications and important features.

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  6. Of course you want to shred your confidential paper documents. But besides shredding paper you might also want your shredder to destroy other materials such as staples, paperclips, credit cards, CDs and DVDs. Not every shredder can do this, although most of the machines can handle a few stapled documents every now and then.

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